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"The human body is capable of amazing physical deeds. If we could just free ourselves from our perceived limitations and tap into our internal fire, the possibilities are endless" - Dean Karnazes. This has inspired me to commit to the journey of ultramarathon races.

Monday, March 14, 2011

My Supplements Grocery List

Since my training volume as increase a lot in the past few weeks i felt like i needed help from a couple of supplements to be able to maintain energy trough my long weekends run and recover as quickly as possible after each training. So today i went to Popeyes on Bank street and bought more then 300$ worth of supplements.

 Here was my shopping list:

 1- Iso 93 Whey Protein (6.6lbs): i take 2-3 shake a day. Always one first thing in the morning, a bit before my run and after, and before bed.
2- VegeGreens: i take 1 scoop a day with my morning shake.
3- BCAAs Aminocore: i take 1 or 2 scoop before and during run depending on duration.
4- Eload Endurance Formula: i take1 or 2 scoop during run depending on duration.
5- Tri-Glutamine Complex: i take 1 to 3 serving a day, after workout and before bed.
6- Multivatims Active Men: i take 2 per day, with breakfast and dinner
7- Vitamin D: i take 1 per day with breakfast
8- Nutra Sea Omega 3: 2 tsp per day, with breakfast and dinner

Here it is! In the next days and week ill will explain why do i take those specific supplements.


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